TuskXC2700W / Tusk2700T

It is a material suitable for prototypes requested with ABS or PBT-like properties. Its mechanical characteristics allow functional applications with good loads and waterproof parts. Tusk T variant is different only for the look: it is transparent, so ideal for prototypes that have to simulate this characteristic.



It is a resin with good mechanical properties in general, especially as regards impact resistance and the elongation at break. Moreover, Xtreme is suitable for special applications just like jigs and for replacing CNC machined parts.



(max. dimensions 145x145x170mm)


HD resin is a material suitable for production of prototypes with extreme details, up to 0.025 mm of maximum resolution.

Ideal for:

  • Parts with extreme detail

  • Parts with high quality surface

  • Post-production operations (finishing, paintings etc…)



(max. dimensions 145x145x170mm)


Tough Resin is suitable for prototypes with ABS-like properties, small dimensions and high detail. It has excellent mechanical properties, especially as regards impact and mechanical loads resistance.


Ideal for:


  • Components with snap joints

  • Assemblies


  • Tough and impact-resistance parts



(max. dimensions 145x145x170mm)

Rubber-like material for small parts with high detail, functional too.

Ideal for:

  • Rubber-like part with Shore 80A

  • Parts for handles, connectors etc…

  • Fashion and Product design

  • Packaging



(max. dimensions 145x145x170mm)

HT resin has a high Heat Deflection Temperature Value (289 °C at 0.45 MPa), so it is suitable for static applications exposed at high temperatures. HT resin can be also implemented in production processes just like casting and thermoforming.

Ideal for:

  • Moulds for injection mould

  • Components with high operating temperatures requested

  • Water and air -proof component at high temperatures



Biocompatible resin (Class 1) and autoclavable, it is suitable for dental use, especially for printing fully functional surgical guides and similar devices..



Biocompatible resin (class IIa), suitable for hard splints, retainers and similar devices that request an high resistance to fracture and wear.

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