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BF 1.0


Thanks to the experience and the know-how acquired during the years, especially as regards SLS technology, SCP team has developed a material of own formulation, compatible with the most important SLS machines.

First, we named this material BF 00: it was a nylon 12 base material reinforced with glass spheres, black colour. Since its market introduction, BF 00 was immediately applied for the production of prototypes which requested great mechanical and thermal properties with great satisfaction from final clients. 

After years of commercialization, an evolution of this material was born, to satisfy the even more   demanding requirements: therefore BF 1.0 was born.

BF 1.0 is a composite PA12 (nylon) based material, reinforced with glass spheres. BF 1.0 has excellent mechanical properties and thermal properties, especially as regards stiffness, tensile strength and operating temperature (over 130° C). It is suitable for functional and aesthetic applications. 

BF 1.0 is provided as a ready-to-use powder and with the proper machine parameters to guarantee the proper functioning. Its composition and the quality of raw material are constantly monitored to guarantee the maximum sintering quality.