Stainless Steel 316L

Low-carbon alloy of stainless steel, 316L is a strong material with good thermal properties. It has also a very high resistance to corrosion and it can be easily CNC machined and refined.

Ideal for:

  • Moulds per injection moulding or die casting

  • Engine components for automotive

  • Fully-functional prototypes

  • Components for sailing

  • Jigs

prototipo acciaio inox AISI316L
prototipo alluminio


Aluminium alloy that has high mechanical and thermal properties combined with very low weight. Because of that, it is widely used in all those sectors in which the energy-saving factor represents a key factor in all the phases of product life cycle, starting from design.

Ideal for:


  • Components for automotive and aerospace industries

  • Components for automation

  • Jigs and Moulds


Inconel 625


Nickel-chromium alloy. It has several applications in industry thanks to its high mechanical and thermal properties. It has also great corrosion resistance.

Ideal for:

  • Parts for automotive and aerospace industries

  • Parts for sailing

  • Components for oil industry

prototipo Inconel 625
prototipo titanio



Titanium (TiAl6V4) is one of the most known alloys in 3D Metal Printing because it combines excellent thermal properties with a very low specific weight.


Ideal for:

  • Functional prototypes

  • Medical devices

  • Spare parts